Notify the claim online.

Evaluate the damages digitally. Be prepared.

Were you involved in a car accident? Let us handle it.
We mediate the entire communication process with the insurer. We make sure all the information is sent correctly without fear of missing something.

PayPact - notificare si evaluare dauna RCA

Choose one of the PayPact services

Whether you choose to notify the claim or evaluate the damage, you can do everything straight from your mobile phone. 

Claim notification


You send the information about the accident and the damage, photos of damage, as well as the necessary documents  using your smartphone

Damages evaluation


Upload all the necessary documents and photos and you get the evaluation and a complete offer of parts needed for repairs. 

All you need for your claim


 You can find all you need for a claim in our app, from the scene of the accident to the moment of receiving compensation.    

Press mentions

You are guided by the app every step of the way ​

We guide you right from the beginning

Use the app to select the insurance companies for both the aggrieved and the guilty party.

You answer the questions for the claim file directly in the app.

The information remains saved in your account.

PayPact | notificare si evaluare dauna RCA

Take photos with your phone straight at the place of the accident

Take photos with your phone straight at the place of the accident

Select the damaged areas of the car quickly and easily.

Write down all the details about the damage. It's that simple.

PayPact - notificare si evaluare dauna RCA

We retrieve the data automatically

All you need to do is take photos of the necessary documents.

You can upload the photos from the confort of our home.

You dont need to fill in anything manually, only check the retrieved data.

PayPact evaluare dauna

What early users say

A simple and super quick solution

Making an MTPL claim in Romania  can be pretty difficult. However, now I feel more relaxed before a trip, as I have this handy solution in case anything happens.

PayPact - notificare si evaluare dauna RCA

Andrei Popescu

Aggrieved party in an accident with a European accident statement

I managed to solve everything on my phone

Last time I had an accident, I.  wasted a few hours on the process. As a freelancer with deadlines, it’s frustrating. I wish I had PayPact then, it would have been a much faster process. 

PayPact - notificare si evaluare dauna RCA

Ania Sirbu

Aggrieved party in an accident with a police report

Save time and solve everything in a few minutes on your phone

PayPact - notificare si evaluare dauna RCA

Make the claim notification online, straight on your phone and you no longer need to go to the insurance company in person.

Upload all the photos and documents in the PayPact app and you can compare the offer received from the insurer with the one received from us.

Choose the best solution for your claim - financial compensation or repair in a repair shop with fair pricing.

Assess the damage with PayPact and compare our offer with the one received from the insurer.

PayPact - notificare si evaluare dauna RCA

What the press says about the PayPact launch

wall street PayPact - notificare si evaluare dauna RCA

“A new insurtech promises to make life easier for both clients and insurers, by simplifying  the claim process for MTPL insurance.”

Capita PayPact - notificare si evaluare dauna RCA

“The PayPact innovation is the file registration process via the web app.”

Revista Biz PayPact - notificare si evaluare dauna RCA

“The information about the claim is sent automatically to the insurance companies for quick validation. 
Also, by having extended anti-fraud and data analysis capabilities, by identifying clients at banking security standards and providing  a high performance data interoperability system, PayPact is a modern resource that extends the channels insurers have to support their clients. 

StartUp PayPact - notificare si evaluare dauna RCA

“The Scala Assistance co-founder launches a digital startup for MTPL claims, PayPact.
PayPact has developed a complete user flow that allows creating the claim file on your smartphone,  just a few minutes after the accident has occurred.

The aggrieved party can create and send the claim file digitally using the PayPact web app, which guides them step by step, the entire process being reduced from one hour to 10 minutes.”

Questions about common traffic situations

1. What do I need to do if I am the aggrieved party in a car  accident?

Make sure that all the involved persons are safe and the damage of the vehicles don’t jeopardize anyone’s safety (fire hazard, leaks, cutting edges, etc). If there are any injuries, call 112.

If there is no other damage than to the two involved vehicles, you can fill in an accident statement with the other party. If there is no agreement regarding guilt, it is necessary to contact the police to  obtain a police statement. Prepare all the necessary documents. 

2. What documents do I need for an MTPL claim?

First make sure you have a valid periodic technical inspection.  

  • Valid insurance policy
  • Car registration
  • Driver’s license(optional) ID
  • Contact information for the insured party, if different from the driver.

3. When can I fill in an accident statement?

If  the accident involves two vehicles on a public road, with valid insurance policies and periodic technical inspections. The two involved parties need to agree on guilt and then fill in the document with no police intervention.  If the accident involves more than two vehicles, resulting in injuries or damage to other elements (fences, poles, etc), then you cannot fill in the accident statement and it is necessary to call the police.

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PayPact - notificare si evaluare dauna RCA

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